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of Crown Jewel Poodles!

 Crown Jewel Poodles is a small, family-owned,  home for Standard and Moyen-Klein poodles, located in Chino Valley, Arizona (very close to Prescott.)  Many people would refer to us as a "hobby breeder."  I like to refer to my Poodle venture as one of my favorite obsessions, as I do take it very seriously!  My name is Holly Lovelace, and my life-long love for the poodle breed is the driving force behind Crown Jewel Poodles.  I have owned poodles off and on throughout my life, and have been blessed by each one of them.  My mother and daughter, Sheila and Helen Marie, partner with me in the breeding, care, and training of our poodle family.  Please feel free to visit our website often to catch up on latest developments with our poodles.  Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  Many people ask me if I am willing to "doodle" my poodles (a common term for cross-breeding poodles with other breeds.)  I am aware that many people own dogs that have been cross-bred with poodles.  Many of these folks love and adore their dogs, as well they should.  Although I can understand the devotion they feel toward their pets, I must state, that as a breeder, it is my personal belief  that the Poodle breed cannot be improved by crossing it with other breeds.  I am a "poodle purist" and do not participate in any type of "doodling (such as labradoodles or goldendoodles.)  The Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever breeds are fine breeds in their own right (my family owned a golden lab in the past, and she was truly an angel dog,) but my devotion is to the Standard Poodle.  This is because I have found it to be the perfect canine companion for me.  I have seen many "doodled" dogs end up in shelters because the buyer was disappointed with the results of the cross breeding.  This is truly heartbreaking, and for this reason, my family and I donate a portion of the price of each pup we sell to local animal shelters.  We believe it is our God-given responsibility to love all creatures great and small, for it is the Lord God who made them all.  At the same time, I believe I have a duty and great responsibility to produce only Poodles that are an asset to the breed.   My comments here are not intended to discount the value of anyone's pet but simply to state my breeding philosophy.  I believe the breed standards developed throughout mankind's history are designed to ensure quality and type.  (Someone looking to purchase a small sedan would not be happy if they ended up with a large SUV and vice versa.)  In addition to thorough health testing, I am very selective in choosing dogs and bitches to be bred at Crown Jewel Poodles.  It is my hope and my goal to improve the breed and  to do no harm in the process.  Please visit the other pages of our website to see health testing results and pedigrees for our Poodles.  Thanks again for visiting our website, and may the Lord guide you in finding the right dog for you and your family.

       Crown Jewel Poodles